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Buyer Beware! Important tips when buying your pet's medication online.

We live in a digital world where efficiency, convenience, and affordability are a must. If clients cannot order their pet’s medication online from the veterinarian, then they will go somewhere else. At Monticello Animal Hospital, we offer a secure, safe, and veterinary approved online pharmacy for all our client’s needs. Here are a few tips to remember when ordering pet medications online. First, order from a website that belongs to a Vet-VIPPS accredited pharmacy. This means the product is delivered from a veterinary manufacture and complies with strict criteria including federal and state licensing and inspection guidelines, protects patient confidentiality, quality assurance, and validity of prescription dosage. These trusted veterinary online pharmacies also work within the veterinary client patient relationship guidelines to provide safe products. Second, make sure the pharmacy is asking for a valid prescription from your veterinarian. Without this prescription, the medication should not be distributed to the client. Lastly, look at the guarantee. Most online pharmacies will not provide a manufacturers’ guarantee due to the fact they do not directly order from the manufacturer. This means we, as veterinarians, do not know where these online pharmacies get their product or if the product is safe. We at MAH, offer many coupons and discount through our VetSource Online Pharmacy to help our clients get quality product with ease and efficiency. Please use the link below to use our pharmacy!

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