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Payment Plans
(for existing customers)

We understand that veterinary care can sometimes be costly and it's not always easy to pay in full up front. By partnering with VetBilling® we offer you the convenience and flexibility of paying over time through automatic drafts, which is easier on your budget and allows you to get the care your pet needs in a timely manner.

Payment Plan Fees

What happens if I miss a payment? Can I pay my balance off early? What if I need to make changes to my payment plan? 24/7 access to your VetBilling account All About Your Payment Plan A one time, non-refundable enrollment fee is required to open a payment plan account. No interest is charged by VetBilling®, but a nominal flat processing fee is added to each recurring payment. Payments are automatically drafted from your checking, savings, or credit/debit card account (depending on which account you selected at time of enrollment.) Payments occur on the debit date you selected and continue until your balance has been paid in full.

Two dogs

Come by or call (913-422-0301) today for more information on our Payment Plan options.  We are so happy to help keep your pets healthy and happy!

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