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We now live in the age of smartphones and most people spend hours on them. We are in a time where everything is at our fingertips and we want service immediately. Well, now you can have that with your pets veterinary care. Now you can be in contact with your veterinarian whether you are on vacation, or heading out of town and the vet’s office appointment schedule is full, you have a question about your pet and you are at work or a family outing-no problem! Now we have a telemedicine app that allows Dr. Wallis to connect to her clients anytime and anywhere. Clients can now use asynchronous texting with the doctor for any and all questions. Pictures and videos can be sent from home to help Dr. Wallis assess the situation and give clients more precise advice on what to do. This app works well for surgery rechecks, exotic animal exams, anxious/fearful dogs and cats, nutritional or behavioral consults, and chronic medical conditions. Maybe you are not sure if your pet needs to be seen right away or needs the er, Dr. Wallis can help. I mean who wants to transport their 200lb pig in a car to see us when convenient service can be done at home. This app also works well for those who may not have transportation available, elderly owners, disabled owners, or pets that just don’t travel well. Hope this service helps our clients, we are so excited to have it!!!!

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