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Surgery can be stressful for both the pet and the owner. We offer general procedures such as spaying, neutering, declawing, tumor/growth removal, and laceration repair to the more advance procedures such as orthopedic repair and internal soft tissue surgery. Our staff strives to make sure your pet comes through their surgical procedure safely and comfortably. We want the experience to be as stress free as possible for our clients and their pets by:

  • educating clients before, during, and after their pet’s procedure

  • giving individual care and comfort to each pet throughout the surgery and recovery

  • a pre-surgical exam is conducted

  • pre-surgical blood work is recommended for all pets

  • thorough monitoring with a veterinary technician during surgery and recovery

  • quiet, clean environment is provided for the surgery and recovery

  • adequate pain control is given before, during, and after surgery

  • follow up care with our experienced doctors and technicians

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