We have a full service grooming salon. Having a grooming service along with our medical service allows pet owners to get everything done to their pet in one convenient visit. We offer grooming appointments Monday through Thursday and every other Friday. Drop off for grooming appointments are between 7 and 9am. Late drop offs will either result in a late charge or rescheduling of appointment. 

We do require up to date vaccines for all of our grooming clients. We require Rabies, DHPPC, Bordetella, and Canine Influenza. Any pets with fleas will be treated with Capstar.  All grooming prices are a base price and depend on coat condition and animal temperament. Additional charges may apply for matted and extra thick coats.

Bath & Brush Includes bath with oatmeal and aloe shampoo, anal glad expression, ear cleaning, nail trim and brush out. Also included with bath and brush is face, feet, fanny and sanitary trim.

0-25lbs  $27     26-50lbs  $32     51-75lbs  $37     76-100lbs  $42  

Full Groom Includes everything in the Bath & Brush package plus a full body trim to breed standard or to client preference.

0-25lbs  $46     26-50lbs  $52     51-75lbs  $66     76-100lbs  $70

Blow-out Includes everything in the Bath & Brush package. Also includes furminator shampoo and a coat conditioner. Extended time in the tub and blow dry to remove loose dead hair. Extended brush out with deshedding grooming tools

0-25lbs  $37     26-50lbs  $47     51-75lbs  $60     76-100lbs  $67

Cat Grooms:  We do offer cat grooms as well. Cat grooms include full body shave down or lion cut with nails trimmed and ears cleaned. Sedation available if needed.  All Sizes  $46


Coat Conditioner $5

Medicated Shampoo $5 (no charge for BYO)

Dremmel Nails  $5

Extra Brush out  $5 per 10mins