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Here at MAH we try to be an integrative hospital and incorporate the most innovative, less invasive, and holistic treatment options for your pets. One of those modalities we have incorporated into our hospital is the use of cold laser therapy. This is an alternative way to heal pain and inflammation without the use of pharmaceuticals and or surgery. So what is cold laser therapy? Photobiomodulation (PMB) therapy results are achieved when a sufficient dose of light energy reaches target tissue and results in decreased inflammation, decreased pain, and accelerated healing. We use Companion Animal Health's cold laser unit at our hospital. Companion's patented delivery system and detailed, species-specific protocols provide answers to dosing challenges that result in the best outcomes-every time. Superior outcomes are easily achieved on a wide variety of conditions such as: dental disease, arthritis, fractures, wound repair, variety of skin conditions and infections, post surgery, back disease, sprains and strains, and many more. If you want more information on cold laser therapy, feel free to check out the case videos on the Companion Animal Health website at or call us at 913-422-0301.


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The emergence of laser treatment is an astonishing feat in medicine. To see our canine and feline pals benefit impressively from it is breathtaking to say the least.

However, As loving pet parents, we need to be cautious about the choice of vet services. It is in this regards that MONTICELLO comes into the picture, having a track record of proficiency in the field

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