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Pet Poisoning: Understanding the Risks of Marijuana Toxicity

With the increasing legalization and accessibility of marijuana, cases of marijuana toxicosis in pets, particularly dogs and cats, are on the rise. Understanding the signs, toxic doses, and necessary care for pets exposed to marijuana is crucial for pet owners to ensure the well-being of their furry companions.

Signs to Watch For:

  1. Signs of marijuana toxicosis can vary widely and may include lethargy, ataxia, vomiting, diarrhea, disorientation, hypersalivation, tremors, seizures, and urinary incontinence.

  2. Clinical signs typically manifest within 30 minutes to several hours after ingestion and can last for up to 72 hours.

Toxic Dose for Dogs and Cats:

  1. The toxic dose of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of marijuana, varies depending on the size and sensitivity of the pet.

  2. Dogs are more susceptible to THC toxicity than cats, with symptoms occurring at lower doses.

Overall Care Needed:

  1. If you suspect your pet has ingested marijuana or products containing THC, it is crucial to seek veterinary care immediately.

  2. Treatment for marijuana toxicosis is primarily symptomatic and supportive, focusing on controlling symptoms such as vomiting, tremors, and seizures.

  3. Veterinary care may include intravenous fluids, activated charcoal administration, and medications to manage symptoms.

  4. Prognosis for pets with marijuana toxicosis is generally good with prompt treatment, and fatalities are rare.

Conclusion: As cases of marijuana toxicosis in pets continue to rise, it's essential for pet owners to be aware of the signs and dangers associated with marijuana ingestion. By understanding the potential risks and seeking prompt veterinary care if ingestion occurs, pet owners can help ensure the safety and well-being of their beloved companions. Remember, in cases of suspected marijuana ingestion, immediate veterinary attention is crucial for the best possible outcome for your pet. If you suspect this has happened to your pet, please call us at 913-422-0301 or if after hours please seek out emergency care at 913-642-9563.

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