Connecting with Clients During Covid 19

These are hard times for us all managing the "new normal" during covid 19. The staff at MAH is dedicated to serving our clients and community by offering several ways in which you can stay connected, ask questions, buy products, and get help taking care of your pets. First we offer daily delivery for food and medication. If you cannot get to the hospital to pick up those items, simply let us know and we can deliver those to your home. Second, we have our own app, Monticello Animal Hospital, in the app store and it is free to download. All we need is a matching email address and you can connect to our medical system to see when vaccines are due, order food/medication, schedule appointments, redeem loyalty paws, and the newest feature is our two way chat. Third you can always call or email, however with the busy schedule we are keeping these days, it may take a little more time for us to return messages. So try out our app, you will get faster responses, and as always know that we at MAH are working daily to help stay connected to our extended families!

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