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It's Dental Month!!!

Yes, that is right, it's dental month! That means if you schedule your pet's dental in the month of February, you can get 10% off. So why is a professional teeth cleaning important to your pet's health? Here are five reasons why having your pet's teeth cleaned is important.

  1. It will help prevent bad breath. How many of us take pause when we smell our pet's breath. They go to give you a kiss, and then POW, the smell is soooo bad. Cleaning the teeth will help your pet's breath smell better for more welcomed kisses.

  2. It can prevent tooth loss. If dental disease goes undetected for months or years, the disease process can loosen the teeth and they can fall out or have to be pulled during the dental. Regular teeth cleaning can help your pet keep their teeth for many years to come.

  3. It will decrease the bacteria load in the mouth which will reduce the amount of bacteria that can seed into the blood stream and cause systemic illness.

  4. It will help prevent oral pain and inflammation. If dental disease is left to run its course, pain and inflammation will occur and cause decrease appetite, drooling, and possibly bleeding of the mouth.

  5. It will boost your pet's overall quality of life. Regular dental exams and cleanings can extend your pets life and improve their overall health.

So remember, call us today to book your pet's appointment at 913-422-0301 and keep your pet's health on tract.

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