My dog is choking, I think?

I get daily inquiries about dogs and sometimes cats that have a reverse sneezing fit and the owner thinks they are choking. Don't worry, a reverse sneeze is very common this time of year, mostly due to sinus drainage and allergies. Reverse sneezing is an act that your pet may display when trying to clear their throat. Most pets will extend their neck and suck air in through their nose. This can last for a few seconds or it can last several minutes, or it can occur several times throughout the day. Sinus drainage can be stimulated by allergies, inflammation or infection in the mouth or nose, or inhaled smoke or toxins, etc. This is not a life threatening issue but can become a burden to owners and the pet if it is severe. You can go to YouTube and watch videos of pets with a reverse sneeze to see it in action. As far as treatment goes, you need to calm the pet down by rubbing their throat and neck area as well as giving an antihistamine, like Benadryl, to dry up the sinus. If the sneezing continues, always check with your veterinarian to see if other medications might be warranted to help with inflammation. To schedule an appointment, call us at 913-422-0301.

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