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Need to Reach Us? Try 2-Way Chat

Need to Reach Us? Try 2-Way Chat

Veterinary hospitals are busier than ever, and we want to make staying in touch with us about your furry family member as easy as possible. Our hospital app puts communication with our team at your fingertips, and with the 2-Way Chat feature, you do not need to call us, or wait on hold to speak with a team member. Instead, simply start a chat conversation, and a team member will respond to your question or concern. Here are the need-to-know details about our app’s newest feature.

What is 2-Way Chat?

2-Way Chat—one of our favorite features—is a conversation, similar to texting, between you and our veterinary team, with everyone in your family who downloads the app able to chime in with questions. With 2-Way Chat, you can send us questions, concerns, updates, photos, and videos about your pet. The feature also allows us to easily connect with you while your pet is in our care. For example, we can send a photo of your pet’s sparkling white teeth after their dental cleaning, or a video of the extra snuggles they get while visiting with us.

When should I use 2-Way Chat?

This feature takes communication with our team to a whole new level, and makes it easier than ever before. You can use 2-Way Chat for various situations, including:

● To clarify information or instructions given during your pet’s appointment

● To ask questions about your pet’s concerning behavior (bonus feature—you can send a video of the behavior to make evaluation easier)

● When you are not sure whether your concern warrants an appointment for your pet

● To relay updates about your pet’s condition

● To receive updates about your pet while they are in our care

Basically, you can use 2-Way Chat any time you want to connect with one of our team members about your pet.

Why should I use 2-Way Chat?

We are always available via phone, but we know that it’s all about convenience, and shooting us a short message is faster and easier than making a call, and possibly being placed on hold. And, sending a photo of your cat’s scaly skin, or a video of your dog’s limp, is easier than trying to describe the problem over the phone.

How can I use 2-Way Chat?

This exciting feature is available through our hospital app. Don’t have the app yet? Search for Monticello AH

in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and download it, free of charge. Then, ask one of our team members how to take full advantage of the app’s features, including 2-Way Chat.

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