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The Dark Side of our profession

I just wanted to pause and send a note to all those involved with the veterinary industry and the loss of lives associated with suicide. We lose way too many veterinarians and associated staff to suicide every year. I, myself, have been in stages of burnout and exhaustion which takes a toll on our minds and body. I love that “Not One More Vet” is being talked about and changes associated with our industry are moving forward. If we all pause first before reacting to various situations in a negative manner, whether it be because we couldn’t save your pet, we are running behind schedule, we

need to charge for our services, we cannot make exceptions because of the laws we are governed by, maybe we can apply mindfulness to negativity and become a little kinder to each other. I love what I do. I wouldn’t change that for anything. But some days are taxing and hard. So please try to understand that not everything goes as you wish and be kind to the professionals that want more than anything to help your pets live long and happy lives.

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